Cheap car tyre suppliers in China

Qingdao Dolah Tyre Co. Limited is a Chinese car tyre supplier that exports used and cheap tyres from China. Other than that, this company also sells many other auto parts. Dolah Tyre currently has two warehouses in China. They have more than 40000 articles in stock, and they ensure that only high-quality products are supplied to their prospects. We are an experienced car tyre supplier in China making a substantial impact on the industry.



Dolah Tyre is a professional cheap car tyre supplier in China that deals in new, used and old tyres.



To satisfy and deliver products beyond customer expectations !
No compromise in the quality of products.
Delivering all orders on time.
Offering competitive prices to make our products affordable.
Making sure we fulfill all our duties towards our employees and the society to make all our stakeholders feel proud.


Dolah Tyre is one of the best car tyre suppliers in China that is currently dealing with many international clients in the USA and Europe. Our vision is to become our customer’s number one priority. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. With our team of qualified and experienced personals, we make sure that all our products are of high-quality. Our representatives are also available to provide you with support regarding any queries. Our approach towards building long-term relationships with our prospects has helped us grow to become a leading tyre supplier in China.

About us

Dolah Tyre is professional tyre wholesaler and exporter from China.Mainly tyre products is USED TYRE,NEW TYRE,OLD STOCK TYRE. The used tyre Dolah provided which is over 50% tread left with seriously visual check.The used tyre brands include world famous brands and also chinese brands,all tyres collect from local China market. Used tyre sizes are mainly from R12 to R20 etc include car tyre and truck tyre.As we always would like to let customers know all the condition of our used tyre,so both merits and defects of the used tyre quality always described objectively to all customer.


Our Values



Professionalism is the foundation of QINGDAO DOLAH TYRE CO., LIMITED!



Delivering products and services beyond customer satisfaction to earn their loyalty!



Reliable products is our first step towards customer loyalty!



Taking full responsibility of what we do and how we do!