How to Choose the Correct Used Car Tire

Used Car Tyre
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To purchase the car tire is not a difficult task. However, finding the right tire from the old stock tyre supplier can be tricky for you. If you get it wrong, your car’s performance can be horribly wrong. The ability to sustain different weathers can become difficult for your used car tire. Typically, car tires should be replaced minimum after every three years. So, here are some of the tips to get the right car tires.

What size of tire do you need?

Firstly, you should consult the manual of your car or the placard placed on the side door of the driver’s jamb for finding the recommended measurement of the tire. The label or banner will look display these alphanumeric chits: P125/50R15 93T. The first part of the label defines the measurements of various size of tires like diameter or width. The 93 refers to the load index. The load index depicts how much weight can the tires withstand or can support. Lastly, the “T” is the rating of speed. A speed rating is a maximum speed with respect to the load index. You should observe and match the size measurements of the tires. However, it is not any hard and fast rule. You can go up a far as load index, and speed rating is concerned.

What Kind of Tire do you require?

There are different types that a new or used car tyre supplier offers. Few of them are mentioned below:

Many retailers will provide you with available tires with size. However, in the majority of cases, you will be required to do in-depth research for matching the speed rating defined earlier. The list of types of car tires is discussed below:

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All-Season Tire – This tire comes in T- and S-Speed rating. L-season tires are renowned for excellent grip and long mileage. These tires are usually fit for mainstream cars.

All-Terrain Truck tire – This type of tire is designed for hauling and is naturally comes in large sizes. All-terrain truck tires are best for towing work for light-duty SUVs and pickups. All-season or all-terrain tires usually have an aggressive pattern of threads for helping off-road traction.

For side-kick, the captioned tires have written A/T on the model name which refers to “All-terrain”.

Summer Tires and Ultra-high performance tires – summer tires generally comes Y-, W-, and ZR-Ratings for performance sedans and sports cars.

All-season and summer tires resemble with each other quite a lot. Tip to differentiate both is that in summer tires, Mud & Snow (M & S) designation will be absent on the sidewall.

What are Prime Considerations for Selecting a Tire?

A general observation is that people tend to buy the tire, which is a direct replacement when their car is relatively new. As the car ages, drivers show more inclination towards switching to another car model based on price and performance. So, price and performance should be the priorities while buying car tires.

Wrap Up

Above are some useful tips for tire purchasing. So go to the shop once you are clear as to which tire choice you have in your mind.

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