The Ultimate Used Tyres Guide For Suppliers

Used Car Tyre
3 Benefits Provided by Used Car Tyre Supplier
July 4, 2019

Tyres are as important as any other part of the car and need to be taken care of. People often buy tyres that are not suitable for their cars due to lack of proper guidance. The wrong selection not only results in early wear it also damages the rims.

People often invest in new tyres when they can save money by purchasing second-hand tyres. However, there still is a good market for used tyres, but people only trust the used car tyre supplier in China whom they are really sure about to stay away from the damage and loss.

Here are some central things to remember as a used car tyres supplier

Increasing The Size

If you want to increase the size of the tyres and you have a 1000cc or below car doesn’t increase the size more than an inch. It will put a strain on the engine and hurt the fuel economy of the car. For cars above 2000 cc, you can increase up to two inches.

Always advise the customers to change the spare tyre too especially when they have increased the size.

Size Of Rims

Never install oversized rims. Even if a client wants you to change rims, go for the same size. The reason we are advising against the oversized rims is it will require a lot of alteration with axle and tyre. Also, always make sure that your customers do not have low-profile rims; otherwise the tyres will wear quickly, and blame would be on you.

The Real Problem

It is not easy to gain trust as a used car tyre supplier China. You’ll have to make sure that your customers are convinced that there will be no trouble. The general concept of the public is used tyres have already wear, and they will start troubling after a short period of time. It is upon you, how you convince them and then provide them with the best quality to alter their perception.

Tyres To Invest In

Always deal in the tyres from known and trusted manufacturers, they may cost you a little extra, but in the end, the performance will be satisfactory. Tyres that you get in lower rates by the manufacturers nobody hears about are bound to create issues after a very short time. You’ll lose your customers in no time so, to avoid this scenario go for recognised manufacturers in slightly higher rates.

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