Old stock tyre supplier china

As you know by now that our organization has a strict QA system. That means only a limited number of tyres pass as second grade tyres. Apart from that, we also sell tyres that don’t fall under the second-grade tyre category, and we call them old stock tyres. Such tyres are much cheaper and still can be used for a couple of years. However, as an experienced old stock tyre supplier in China, we have highlighted a few pros and cons of buying both types of used tyres. .

Top Second Grade Tyres In China

Every driver understands the importance of tyres all too well. Tyres are one of the main parts of a vehicle without which a vehicle is immobile. It is no brainers to guess that the quality and performance of tyres is directly proportional to the running of an automobile. One must always go for the finest grade tyre in China for the smooth drive.

We assure you that if you deal with us, you’ll never have any complaints about the quality. We deliver what we promise because we have a simple vision of not telling lies to our customers. As we all know second grade tyres can be tricky but we make sure that our team of experts double check every tyre. We will never sell something faulty to you because it is unethical and we stick to our morals.

There is no question in the quality we provide to our customers. There is a reason that we are known for our tyres, and the large chunk of consumers trusts us. We have earned all the reputation we have today by keeping the promise of delivering the best second tyre every time.

The tyres we offer have minor faults which don’t even affect the overall performance of the automobile. We assure you these faults will not interfere with the comfort and your experience of driving. All of these features are available here at the most reasonable rates.

Our competitors are trying with all their might to match the price range and eminent quality of the second grade tyres we are offering, but they are still unable to match our standard. We are not claiming that we are the only ones with good quality; there are several others, but their rates are often higher.

If you want to have the cheap tyre supplier china then you should trust us and invest in our tyres, you’ll not be disappointed, and we can bet you’ll come to us again. Dolahtyreltd is the first choice of smart-minded people so, you should also choose us for the tyre solutions and be stress-free.

It is precisely significant that you have the best second tyres for your vehicle. Poor quality and faulty tyres can affect the performance and create several other problems which can lend you unwanted trouble and waste your time and money both unnecessarily.

Second grade tyre


  • Mainly slight dynamic balance problems.
  • Brand name of first letter will be erased,DOT might also be erased.
  • Cheap and profitable.
  • Defect

  • Need adjust dynamic balance by lead.
  • The first letter of brand name will be erased; DOT might also be erased

2. Old stock tyre.


  • Without quality problems.
  • Brand name of first letter might erased sometime.
  • Cheap and profitable.
  • Defect

  • Produced few years ago.
  • Brand name of first letter will be erased,DOT might also be erased.

New Tyre

Dolah Tyre has all branded new tyres available for you. We have all season tyres including the winter. In addition, you can also get truck tyres, white side wall tyres, outline white letter tyre, and much more. As a reputable R20 tyre supplier we’ve got it all.