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November 15, 2018
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November 15, 2018

Car Tyre



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20 Foot


30 work days.

10000 Piece per Month

Western Union, T/T

Car tyres


Product Specification

 New car tyres
 Summer tyre,Winter tyre,Light truck tyre

Product Description

Qingdao Dolah tyre supply all kinds of new tyre include Car tyre,Truck tyre,Winter tyre,All season tyre,Light truck tyre,White side wall tyre(WSW),Outline white letter tyre(OWL),OTR and AGR etc.
New Car Tyre Sizes
155/65R13 185/55R15 215/40ZR16 215/65R17 235/40ZR18 255/40ZR19 275/25ZR24 165R14LT-8
155/70R13 185/60R15 215/55R16 225/45ZR17 235/40ZR18 255/50ZR19 275/30ZR24 175/65R14C-6
155/80R13 185/65R15 215/60R16 225/50ZR17 235/40ZR18 275/30ZR19 295/35R24 175R14C-8
165/65R13 195/50R15 215/65R16 225/55ZR17 235/45ZR18 275/40ZR19 295/30ZR26 185R14C-8
165/70R13 195/55R15 215/70R16 225/60R17 235/50ZR18 275/45ZR19 305/30ZR26 195R14C-8
175/70R13 195/60R15 225/50R16 225/65R17 235/55ZR18 275/55ZR19 31×10.50R15LT 205R14C-8
185/70R13 195/65R15 225/55R16 235/40ZR17 235/60R18 225/30ZR20 7.00R16LT-12 195/70R15C-8
205/60R13 205/50R15 225/55ZR16 235/45ZR17 235/65R18 225/35ZR20 7.50R16LT-14 195R15C
155/65R14 205/60R15 225/60R16 235/50ZR17 245/40ZR18 235/35ZR20 LT215/85R16 205/65R15C-6
165/60R14 205/65R15 225/65R16 235/55ZR17 245/40ZR18 245/35ZR20 LT225/75R16 205/70R15C
165/65R14 205/70R15 225/70R16 235/60R17 245/40ZR18 265/50R20 LT235/85R16 215/70R15C
165/70R14 215/60R15 235/60R16 245/40ZR17 245/45ZR18 275/40ZR20 LT245/75R16 225/70R15C-8
175/65R14 215/65R15 235/65R16 245/45ZR17 255/35ZR18 285/30ZR20 LT265/75R16 225/70R15LT
175/70R14 215/70R15 235/70R16 245/65R17 255/70R18 285/50R20 LT265/75R16 185/75R16C-8
175/80R14 215/75R15 245/70R16


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