November 15, 2018

Used Car Tires



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20 Foot

Single, Double, Triple, Fourfold

30 Working days

10000 Piece per Month

Western Union, T/T

Used tyres


Product Specification

 Used car tires
 30 work days

Product Description

Used tyre over 50% tread with seriously visual check
A.Used tyre brands and sizes
The used tyre brands is include world famous brands andd some chinese brands,all tyres collect from local China market. Used tyre sizes are mainly from R12 to R20 etc.
Used Tyre Size List
145/70R13 165/60R15 175/75R16 205/40R17 215/45R18 225/40R19
155R13C 175/55R15 185/75R16 205/45R17 215/55R18 225/50R19
155/65R13 175/65R15 195/55R16 205/50R17 225/40R18 225/55R19
155/70R13 185/55R15 195/60R16 205/55R17 225/45R18 235/50R19
165/60R13 185/60R15 195/65R16 215/45R17 225/55R18 235/55R19
165/65R13 185/65R15 195/70R16 215/50R17 225/60R18 245/40R19
165/70R13 195/50R15 205/55R16 215/55R17 225/65R18 245/45R19
175/65R13 195/55R15 205/60R16 215/60R17 235/45R18 245/55R19
175/70R13 195/60R15 205/65R16 225/45R17 235/40R18 255/50R19
185/60R13 195/65R15 205/70R16 225/50R17 235/50R18 255/55R19
155/65R14 195/70R15 215/55R16 225/55R17 235/55R18 255/40R19
155/70R14 195/75R15 215/60R16 225/60R17 235/60R18 265/30R19
165/60R14 205/60R15 215/65R16 225/65R17 245/40R18 265/35R19
165/65R14 205/65R15 215/70R16 235/45R17 245/45R18 275/40R19
165/70R14 205/70R15 225/45R16 235/55R17 245/50R18 275/45R19
175/60R14 215/55R15 225/55R16 235/60R17 245/55R18 275/60R19
175/65R14 215/60R15 235/60R16 235/75R17 245/65R18
175/70R14 215/65R15 235/70R16 245/40R17 255/40R18
185/60R14 215/70R15 245/70R16 245/45R17 245/45R18
185/65R14 215/75R15 265/70R16 245/75R17 245/55R18
185/70R14 225/70R15 265/50R17 245/65R18
185/75R14 235/70R15 265/65R17 255/40R18
195/60R14 235/75R15 265/70R17 255/45R18
195/65R14 255/55R18
B.Used tyre quality introduction
As we always would like to let customers know all the condition of our used tyre,so both merits and defects of the used tyre quality always described objectively to all customer.

  1. The used tyre is over 50% tread left and lot of tyre are 50%-70% tread left.
  2. Tyre brands include Continental, Michelin, Hankook, Dunlop, Yokohama, Giti, Linglong,Triangle etc.
  3. There is no crack and cuts etc on sidewall of the tyre by visual check.
  4. There dont have uneven of tread.
  5. All tyre have been cleaned and polished.
  6. Tread, sidewall of all tyre had been checked carefully.
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